Hundeherzen Apariv e.V.

Ich kann nicht alle Hunde der ganzen Welt retten, aber ich kann die ganze Welt eines Hundes retten!

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Dear Animal Friends

We are a small Charity with a big heart for animals.

We take care of dogs and cats in Spain who have been left behind, dumped, abused and are left to suffer. Our goal is to be there for those who have no one else caring for them, giving them a second chance in life.

Our work is funded by donations and sponsorships allowing us to provide food, medical care, spay/neuter and a safe haven for the animals in our care.

Animal friends and volunteers support the work by becoming members or sponsoring animals at the Sanctuary.

We also take care of finding loving new homes for many dogs and cats and we stand side by side with the families during the adoption process.

We, and the animals, need your help!

And helping is easy!

By becoming a member of HHA and/or sponsoring a cat or dog you will enable this vital work to continue and ensure that these animals get the love and care they deserve.

Many dogs and cats are dependent on the Sanctuary as they spent a very long time, sometimes their whole lives, there.

A membership costs as little as 25 Euro a year, that is 0.07 Cent per day, but for the dogs and cats it may well be the difference between life and death.


Simply send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! and we will send you a membership- and/or sponsorship form. Or fill out the membership form and/or  sponsorship form online at once!

Our many cats and dogs thank you for your big heart.

Team Hundeherzen Apariv e.V.